Commercial Lending

With a relationship at Sovereign Bank, all the financial products and services your growing company needs may be provided. Focused on helping Texas companies excel in their industries, Sovereign Bank offers you many opportunities to leverage your company’s strength: from lines of credit meeting daily capital needs to term loans supporting business expansion.

Commercial financing solutions available through Sovereign Bank include:

Working Capital and Revolving Lines of Credits

Frequently utilized to bridge the gap between payment of your accounts payable and collection of your accounts receivable, or to take advantage of vendor discounts, a Sovereign Bank line of credit represents a source of funds, drawn on as needed, and used to support your firm’s working capital needs. The line amount may be used, repaid and re-used within your term.

Owner-occupied Commercial Mortgages

With a growing business, expansion is always on the horizon. If a new operating facility or even a renovation of existing facilities would improve your company’s efficiency, a Sovereign Bank commercial mortgage may be your solution. Sovereign Bank specializes in mortgages and refinancing for commercial facilities that are at lease 70 percent owner-occupied.

Term Loans

Extended for a pre-determined period of time, this type of loan is generally used for one-time purchases, such as major equipment upgrades or even the acquisition of a new business line.


For more information, please contact:

Casey Hozer
Executive Vice President
Mark Wyatt
Vice President
Cedar Park