Syndication Services

The syndicated loan market is one of the largest, most efficient and timely funding sources in the capital market today. Sovereign Bank has experience in the structure and management of syndicated loans and is committed to providing customers with the benefits this type of lending offers.

Sovereign has the ability to originate loans of up to $40 million through its loan syndication services division. While loan syndication involves a series of banks that allow customer access to an increased lending amount, Sovereign Bank serves as the lead bank and is the only banking relationship a customer must work with throughout the loan process.

Customers working with the syndication services division at Sovereign Bank can expect several key benefits:

  • A single bank relationship
  • Quick decisions with minimal approval process
  • Short timetable from the start of the loan process to loan funding
  • A transaction that is seamless to the customer
  • Fixed or floating interest rate
  • The ability to handle multiple transactions
  • Attention to the customer’s needs and priorities throughout the loan process

For more information, please contact:

Jack Roberson
Senior Vice President